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Ask the AuthorITy

Nov 24, 2021

SD-WAN can be a powerful tool – if planned correctly. As many IT teams are discovering, SD-WAN can cause more problems than it fixes when not carefully engineered. In this episode, C Spire AuthorITy engineers Stefan Shurin and Jason Barbee discuss the perks, common misunderstandings, engineering pitfalls and solutions.

Nov 17, 2021

When it comes to Internet of Things (IoT), the very core of your business is at stake. In this episode, C Spire AuthorITy engineers Jeremy Sanders and Jason Barbee discuss common pitfalls IT teams face and how to overcome them. Topics include strategically choosing the right IoT solution, device lifecycle management,...

Nov 17, 2021

As the threat of ransomware grows at staggering speeds, our highly certified C Spire AuthorITy engineer Hal White exposes the key areas that IT teams are neglecting in their cybersecurity defense strategies. From dated firewalls, to the need for multi-factor authentication on, well, everything - we dig into the risks...